Islam Athkar Doorbell Device for Muslim Automatic Welcome Wireless Door

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  • Automatic welcoming athkar/zikir each time door open & close
  • Battery operated (2xAA) - battery not included
  • Easy installation
Output Power: 3W
Material: Plastic
Size: 10.5x6.5*1.8cm
Colour: White/off-white

Door Athkar machine remind you to thaker Allah
Working automatic when you open the door.
Easy installation - can work on any door.

How to Install it?
1. Put the machine on the door inside - easy double tape
2. Put the small magnet on the doorcas - skrew or just use double tape.
3. Put the arrow of magnet in the front of red arrow in the machine.
4. Remain space between the magnet and machine about 1.5mm.
5. Test the space between them before stick the magnetic sensor part.