Adult, Teenager & Kids Thick Cool Islamic IHRAM 2 Piece Blanket Towel for Hajj and Umrah Unstitched Premium Synthetics Cotton

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  • White Colour
  • Comfort & Easy to Wear
  • 2 pieces of towel/blanket
  • Available in adult and kids size
  • Cool on your skin
An Ihram blanket is a simple, white, seamless cloth traditionally worn by male pilgrims during the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage rituals in Islam.
It's an essential part of the Ihram attire, which is a state of ritual purity and consecration required during these sacred journeys.
The Ihram blanket serves as a covering for the upper body, typically draped over one shoulder and tied around the waist, leaving one shoulder and arm exposed.
It symbolizes equality and humility, as all pilgrims, regardless of their status or wealth, wear the same simple attire during these rites.
The color white symbolizes purity and simplicity, reflecting the spiritual state of the pilgrim during their journey of devotion.
Now, with technology, we re-create the most comfortable ihram blanket while keeping the quality of the authentic traditional design.
Our blanket is made of high-quality synthetics that imitate the quality of cotton.
However, with advance technology, we have found the way to make it thin (not thick fluff), lighter but does not see through.
These combination make the new ihram blanket easy to wear, light, breathable cool and last longer.
Remember, it's thin but not see through. Light and cool to your skin.

Ihram blanket details:
Quantity: 2-piece a set
Size: 210 x 105 cm (adult) | 75 x 150 cm (kids)
Weight: ~1kg (adult) | ~500 grams (kids)
Come with beautiful packaging.