Garden/Wall/Fence Camouflage Camo Welsh Green Screen Artificial Ivy Leaf Hedge Privacy Screening Roll Boxed

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Camouflage Welsh Artificial Ivy Leaf Hedge - 1m x 3m 


Artificial hedge is a great alternative to living hedge which takes time establish and requires continuous maintenance. Ideal for disguising existing walls and fencing or providing privacy around swimming pools and terraces. Can be used indoors for events and parties or outdoors for a permanent screen. UV protected so will retain colour.


Brand - Welsh Green Screens

• Artificial Two Colour Ivy Leaf woven on to a plastic mesh fence
• Roll Size: 1m High x 3m Long
• Approx 10-25mm thick, single sided
• Colour: Green
• UV Protected
• Very low maintenance
• Very versatile product

Comes with Cable ties


PACKAGING - Each comes in a box  Comes with Cable ties

Quick and easy to install requires no maintenance and last for years. Comes in a roll and requires support such as simple posts, a deck hand rail, brick wall, fencing panels, etc.

Leaves may need to be positioned to maximise screening effect, you can see through the hedge to some extent and the backing mesh can be seen from the front to some extent. Use with our 95% or 98% shade netting at the back for even more privacy. Dimensions are approximate.

Price is for one roll of Artificial Ivy Leaf Hedge 1m x 3m