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1 x Bottle 50ml
  • PERFECT FOR PAIN RELIEF: Temporary relief of muscle aches and pain; For relief of sprains and bruises, Shoulder and Back Pain as well!
  • SOOTHING & ALLEVIATING: This oil soothes, alleviates, reduces, and eases sore muscles and joints, ankle, feet, hand, arm, etc. like no other!
  • PERFECT SIZE: Each Bottle contains 50 ml of medicated balm/massage oil for muscle aches and pains.
  • TRADITIONAL & WELL-KNOWN: Created in 1968, this US Version of Wood Lock Oil is known throughout the world for its success in relieving pain!
  • EXTERNAL USE ONLY: This topical analgesic is only to be applied on the skin. Please be careful when applying!
HerbsDepo, The USA Exclusive Distributor for Wong To Yick Wood Lock Oil
Only pain relief you need.  Easy to use.  Instant Relief.  For Pains and Sprains
Topical Analgesic, Wong To Yick, Medicated Balm, All-Natural Oil, Worldwide
Easy, Quick, and Effective Steps on how to use Wood Lock Oil