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  • Light and soft - comfortable for kids
  • Size available - 2 to 16 years old
  • High-quality


The Saudi thobe, also known as a thawb, is a traditional garment worn by men in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in the Arabian Peninsula. It is a loose-fitting ankle-length robe, typically made from lightweight fabric such as cotton or polyester to suit the hot climate of the region.

The design of the thobe is characterized by its simplicity and elegance. It usually features long sleeves and a high neckline, with a straight-cut silhouette that drapes loosely over the body. Some variations may have a collar or decorative stitching along the seams, but generally, the thobe is devoid of elaborate embellishments.

Traditionally, the thobe is white in color, reflecting the cultural preference for modesty and simplicity. However, modern variations may come in different colors and may be embellished with subtle patterns or embroidery, especially for special occasions or formal events.

The thobe is often worn with a headscarf, called a ghutra or shemagh, and a corded headdress known as an igal, which helps to keep the ghutra in place. This ensemble is a symbol of tradition and cultural identity in Saudi Arabia and is commonly worn by men in both everyday life and formal occasions.

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Product details:
Size available for 2-16 years old.
Material: High-quality synthetics - imitate the cool of cotton but lighter and softer.
Occasion: Eid / Casual / Party / Dinner / Evening
Condition: 100% New Individual Pack
Package include: 1 x Colour Kid's Saudi Thobe - with collar


1. Reference size is estimation by age. Send us your kids measurement if you are not sure.
2. Colour shade could be differ from the photo description due to monitor setting.