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Amazing adjustable kids igal - gold colour.

Minimum circumference: 37 cm
Maximum circumference: 82 cm
Size: 37-82 cm

Note: you will only get the gold igal. Scarf/shemagh, is sold saperately.

Note: The igal was worn on top of the head, not around the head. Therefore, you don.t need exact size for your kids head.
An agal (Arabic: عِقَال; also spelled iqal, egal, or igal) is an Arab men's clothing accessory. It is a black cord, worn doubled, used to keep a ghutrah (or keffiyeh) in place on the wearer's head.[1] It is traditionally made of goat hair.[2]

It is traditionally worn by Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, Jordan, parts of Egypt, Palestine and Syria (such as the Negev in Israel, Deir ez-Zor and Hauran in Syria, and Sinai and Sharqia in Egypt). The agal is also worn by Ahwazi Arabs in Iran.

The use of the agal and ghutra is dated through antiquities including bas-reliefs and statues going back to ancient times. The agal is traced in Semitic[3] and Middle Eastern civilizations and even in ancient Arabian kingdoms. In his book Iran In The Ancient East, the archaeologist and Elamologist Ernst Herzfeld, in referring to the Susa bas-reliefs, points to the ancient agal as unique headwear of Elamites that distinguished them from other nations.