Super Rare Green Igal with Tassels Handmade Arab Egal Agal Desert Cord

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Super rare luxury igal green. Made in Syria.

  • adjustable
  • min circumference 48cm
  • max circumference 90cm
Agal (also spelled iqal): An agal is a cord-like headband traditionally worn by Arab men to secure the ghutrah or keffiyeh (traditional headscarf) in place. It is typically black and may have variations in design depending on the region.
Wearing an agal involves securing it properly to keep the ghutrah (headscarf) or shemagh in place. Here's a general guide on how to wear an agal:
1. Place the Shemagh on the Head:
  • Start by placing the shemagh or ghutrah on your head.
  • Adjust it so that one end is longer than the other. The longer end is typically draped over the shoulder.
2. Position the Agal:
  • Take the agal (the black cord) and position it on top of the shemagh along the forehead, just above the eyes.
3. Wrap the Agal Around the Head:
  • Bring both ends of the agal down the sides of the head.
  • Cross the agal at the back of the head.
4. Adjust the Tension:
  • Ensure that the agal is snug but not too tight. It should comfortably hold the shemagh in place.
5. Secure the Agal:
  • Once the agal is crossed at the back, bring the ends back around to the front of the head.
6. Tuck the Ends:
  • Tuck the ends of the agal under the part that goes around the head, securing them in place.
7. Adjust the Shemagh:
  • Check the placement and neatness of the shemagh. Adjust it as needed for comfort and style.
Remember that the specific way of wearing an agal may vary depending on cultural traditions and personal preferences. It's always a good idea to observe how individuals in a particular region wear it for a more accurate representation. If you have access to instructional videos or demonstrations from reliable sources, those can be helpful as well.